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"You’re in my way."


“You can always go around. That too hard?”



          it takes him a brief moment to feel it. a string of prolonged seconds
          filled with uncontrollably painful numbness, all leading up to the
          grotesque pain shooting throughout his cheek. his face will scrunch
          up in a poisonous distaste.


               ‘ i am trying to be charming !!! & for your information, i’m one
                 point off of being a genius. —- i don’t want your babies anyway!

              she honestly wants to slap him again, her right hand’s
              twitching at her side. it’s all her damn friends’ faults.
              if it hadn’t been for them, then she wouldn’t’ve brushed
              up against this asshole. matter of fact, she’s just gonna
               go home — go back to her apartment and forget this
               ever happened. she’ll just have to drag her drunk friends’
               asses back with her.


               ’ charming?!?you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.
                 there is nothing genius about wanting to bone a
                 girl, e s p e c i a l l y  when she says NO! —— well,
                 great! keep your whack-ass sperm! i didn’t want
                 it inside me, anyway!! 

nebulouswail whispered:

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❦ - Does one of the muses have a crush on another?


Hmm, well considering Maddy and Eve are sisters,
that makes anything between them a no. Luna and
Maddy love each other but like in a ‘friends to the
death’ kind of love. Hazel and Luna don’t exactly
get along cause they’re at each others throats
when they end up together — Eve and Luna are
kinda there but not really, considering Luna is
Maddy’s bestie. And Hazel and Eve are BFFs for
eternity so there’s nothing really crush worthy.
There’s been a wondering by Eve to Hazel but
Eve’s brushed it off. So, not really, I guess.

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indie aris jones from the maze runner series                                            ” i didwill rp in any format ( gif icon, icon, para, etc. )                                          whathas read all of the books and shizz                                                          i  had tomun is 18                                                                                                      do. “


indie aris jones from the maze runner series                                            ” i did
will rp in any format ( gif icon, icon, para, etc. )                                          what
has read all of the books and shizz                                                          i  had to
mun is 18                                                                                                      do.

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Asian girl does terrifyingly weird cup song